Black Man

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Richmond-based five-piece collective Butcher Brown return to offer the first look at their new single “BLACK MAN” featuring fellow Richmond rapper and songwriter Michael Millions, by sharing the song’s accompanying visual. Directed by award-winning producer, cinematographer and director Shirod Greene, the raucous video for “BLACK MAN” finds the band back in school, rallying the rest of the class to join them for an impromptu show of the track, culminating in a show-stopping sax solo. “BLACK MAN” will be available widely on streaming services this Friday, May 13th.

Describing how the song came together, Butcher Brown says, “For ‘Black Man’, Corey came in with the demo for the original blueprint. During that same time, different people in the band had begun to tap in with Michael Millions because he has many different skill sets that bring lots of value to lots of people, he is a legendary hip hop artist in RVA and he is one of the coolest people in the world. We teamed up to bring this sound to the ground level so that everyone has access to it.”

Speaking on his lyrical inspiration, Millions says, “I was thinking about cycles when I wrote this. Life, death and all points in between. About how things change and how things seem to just stay the same. The only thing I want to stay the same is my family, so that what I wrote about. I recorded it straight thru too, no cutting up the vocals because Butcher Brown cut they demos straight through, that was the only way to do it. This whole collaboration has been a gem and I’m excited to share this music”