Quiana Lynell Bio

“Quiana Lynell is a unique talent.  She possesses the maturity of a well-seasoned vocalist while having a forward-thinking approach to creativity, all while making her audience feel at home as she does her thing.”

— trumpeter/composer Terence Blanchard

“Quiana Lynell’s voice travels from Texas through New Orleans up out of the church where many of the very best gospel, blues and jazz singers have had their roots. She seamlessly operates from the heart of the matter and is at home singing all of the above without artifice, and more importantly, she tells a story. If you listen carefully, she tells her story and even your story because she brings the walls down between herself and the audience like all great singers do.”

A Little Love producer Brian Michel Bacchus

Born in Texas and raised on Gospel, in 2017 Quiana Lynell made her salient mark on the jazz-and-beyond musical world as a wise, heartfelt, warm vocalist whose voice is singular in its soul, intensity, ecstasy and outright spiritual courage. She played with her trio at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival which led to her performing in Poland with trumpeter Terence Blanchard’s Spike Lee tribute with a 75-piece orchestra and a continued period of mentoring on Blanchard’s part. In November of 2017, after considering for a couple of years whether she was ready, she decided to vie for the Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Vocal Competition Award. She commanded the finals stage at NJPAC’s Victoria Theater and wowed the judges and audience with her vocal prowess that earned her the prize, which afforded her the opportunity to record an album for Concord Jazz. The result, 2019’s A Little Love, produced by the renowned Brian Michel Bacchus, is testament to what a rare, mesmerizing artist can achieve on her auspicious debut.

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